WHY Meditate?

Science has begun to study the effects of meditation.

Free your body and clear and calm your mind. What yogis have known for thousands of years is now being proven. Regular mediation practice can:

Increase Wellbeing
Create a positive outlook
Increase resilience and Rebound from negative emotion
Increase mindfulness and reduce mind wandering
Feel better about self
Lessen tendency for desire of things we don’t have
Increase empathy, compassion and gratitude

Join our Monday evening MEDITATION GROUP beginning 4 Nov 2019 at 5.00pm (Koha)

Participants are invited to join an informal group who get together weekly for an hour or so for a meditation practice. The organizers are capable of leading the meditation if this is what is required from time to time, or some weeks we may all just sit in silence. It’s not a course, but a shared space where we can all benefit from the energy of a group practice. To start things off we have decided to offer this at WHY RETREAT on Mondays at 5.00-6.00 pm beginning on 4 November. Time and place is open to alternative suggestions but we felt that we needed to make a start. Being in my studio there are cushions blankets mats and chairs for people to use unless they wish to bring their own meditation cushion. There is no set charge, it is simply a gathering, Koha appreciated but not required.

Meditation tuition is also available to individuals or groups (costs and times to be arranged)
Contact us for more information and bookings