Virtual retreat brought to you by WHY-FI YOGA – 2 dates currently available
2-9 May 2020
23-30 May 2020



Investing in yourself is not a luxury. Personal growth, health and well-being are a priority in these times. Now more than ever we need the tools to help us transform our fear into love, let go of limiting beliefs and create abundance in all aspects of our lives, while caring for our planet. If we are to be strong for others, we must first be strong for ourselves. We need to integrate holistic practices into our lifestyle.


    Put in place habits and daily practices to cultivate an attitude of calm
    Understand how to cultivate happiness and build your personal toolbox
    Learn how yoga can help to heal the body and calm the mind
    Gain knowledge about nutrition and strengthening your immune system
    Establish a program to increase physical fitness
    Integrate good habits into our lifestyle
    Unpack past or current goals and desires to reposition yourself for a changed world
    Feel in control of your destiny, moving towards peace and contentment
    Inspire, motivate and provide accountability for ongoing personal development
    Learn skills to live more simply, in harmony with others and with our planet
    Create the ability to respond appropriately with clarity and calm to whatever comes next.



This retreat can be attended from your home, without the need to take time off work, showing you how to integrate the benefits into your lifestyle.

    Opening and closing sharing circle
    Daily yoga live streaming (8 days)
    Daily meditation live streaming (8 days)
    Daily teaching module (8 days)
    Daily Sea Salt to Serenity module – the journey, my story, your wellbeing (8 days)
    One nutrition module (with menu, recipes and shopping list for the retreat)
    Access to yoga and meditation videos for self-practice (yours to keep)
    Weekly new habit tasks (46 weeks)
    Ongoing access to support




I add value to the world every day. It is my duty to serve. I do this by offering traditional holistic yoga and health coaching combining a wide range of tools and skills that I have acquired over 40 years of practice. I care deeply about my clients, and provide them with a safe space to step into their own power with someone they can trust. During the past 5 years providing transformational yoga retreats from my home, my guests have taken new habits, lifestyle changes, and empowering beliefs as souvenirs of their yoga holidays here. We are all in a new paradigm, and although you are no longer able to travel to WHY Retreat, I can bring your personal retreat into your home via the internet.
I invite you to join me for this virtual journey to the South Seas, and a voyage of discovery into the world within ourselves. Originally a 52-week holistic well-being programme and a manuscript of memoirs, I have adapted SEA SALT TO SERENITY using virtual teachings over an 8-day retreat, and ongoing weekly sessions. This retreat will kick start lifestyle changes for the new paradigm in an entertaining and interactive way, to foster wellbeing and happiness through creating habits and practices in simple, easy to master steps.
Join through zoom live streaming sessions 3 times each day, with some recorded sessions that you can watch at any time. Additional activities are suggested for you to do on your own. I hope the story of my journey will inspire you, prompting the formation of holistic and sustainable lifestyle habits. Although the concept of a retreat ideally means withdrawing from your normal activities, this virtual retreat is designed to be integrated into your normal daily life. Flexibility in your work from home schedule will be necessary to attend live sessions. If you miss some sessions there will be pre-recorded options available.



This retreat is tax deductible for NZ companies and self-employed individuals under the SMEAEP programme.
For more information or to secure your place CONTACT US


Jo Woollacott has been teaching Yoga for 40 years, and currently offers Yoga Retreats in Northland, New Zealand, facilitating physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being for her guests and community. Switching to an on-line platform due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, Jo has combined her yoga retreat with an entertaining virtual journey through her memoirs, and the ongoing holistic wellbeing program she created in her first book, Sea Salt to Serenity.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Jo took up Yoga to overcome a physical disability as a teenager, then became interested in natural healing, and holistic health, pursuing study in this field for her personal interest. Jo had a career in financial planning, and built a sailboat with her husband, which became her home for 20 years. Their 16-year adventure sailing extensively throughout the Pacific was curtailed when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010. Switching her focus to health and well-being, Jo built up a holistic health coaching practice while Rob built their new home, a Yoga retreat centre. Rob passed away during the year Jo was running the 52-week well-being challenge that became the subject of her manuscript.

She has studied many styles of Yoga in several countries around the world and is also certified as a Pilates instructor, Total Gym Incline Body Weight instructor, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Kaizen holistic health coach, Touch for Health, Reiki and Gaia practitioner and her most recent training was Holistic Yoga Therapy in 2019. She is a REPS registered Personal Trainer, endorsed by the Exercise Association of New Zealand to provide SMEAEP tax deductible stress management programs.


When I started with Jo a couple of years ago I was in a lot of pain as I had had a back injury. I had a terrible posture and was unbelievably stiff. I couldn’t even lie down on the ground comfortably. The idea of sitting cross legged in a yoga class terrified me. My legs didn’t really cross!! Slowly but surely Jo has taught me all sorts of techniques to help me not only on a physical journey but a mental one. I can now lie flat on the ground and I can sit cross legged. I am not yet at the lotus position but it doesn’t seem like a physical impossibility any more. My posture is improving and it feels like each month I reach a new milestone physically. I have learnt to stop pushing myself and simply let go. I have learnt how to manage my stress with breathing and meditation.
Jo has a direct but very calming manner which I love. Jo is an inspiration and after every single session with her I leave feeling much better than when I started.
I am so lucky to have found Jo and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Jo! AR
Jo’s programme has been a real learning experience for me. Learning, not only about a varied array of well-being habits we can experience and develop, but also, and perhaps more so, learning about myself.
I enjoyed the variety of well-being advice Jo provided, from physical health to mental health, goal setting to nutrition, individual practices to ones that required getting others involved. Most came with further content and readings on each topic, that provide more detail as to why and how each habit promotes well-being. Great for ‘details’ people like me.
Some of the weekly tasks were challenging, some I had to delay until the time was right for me. Others I thought would be simple, but turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. This led to some self-reflection as to why the particular challenges were easy or difficult for me.
The format of trying each task for 7 days was long enough to see how it would fit into regular weekly life. Allowing enough time to feel the effects of the practices on yourself, and if it was something that I would continue to incorporate into my daily life, or put in my wellness toolkit, to revisit as needed.
Thank you Jo, for providing this toolkit of well-being. TH