I am offering 3 platforms for supporting you during this time that you are unable to attend yoga classes and retreats.
Please invite your friends to enjoy these offerings. I have been fortunate to have had the support of my community and clients in the past, and hope that you will continue to be my clients and friends through this difficult time.
Cost of the classes is flexible. I have suggested a cost but please feel free to pay as little or as much as you wish. We need to support each other during this time, and if you are unable to afford to pay, please join us just the same.


Our regular yoga classes will continue ON LINE just as you have enjoyed here in my studio. The zoom meeting platform will let you chat with your yoga buddies before and after class too!
Check the timetable for times and class styles – there will be something for everyone. I am sure the times and classes will evolve over the coming weeks. Visit the CLASS TIMETABLE for more information about individual classes.
COST You can still use your concession card for the ON LINE classes. I understand that many people are feeling financial strain at this time. If this is the case, please come to class anyway. Please just let me know what will work for you. I feel it is even more important to make sure these classes are accessible to everyone. I am grateful to those who can support me with their payments ($100 for 10 sessions).

CONTACT ME if you are interested in joining these classes.



If you would like more structure to your day, join me for a 5-day virtual retreat with all sessions on line. Limited numbers will mean individual attention. You will enjoy daily yoga, daily mediation, and a menu plan for the week of easy to prepare healthy food, including the shopping list so you can order your groceries on line ahead of time. Your retreat will include one Yoga Philosophy workshop, a personal medicine card reading and one personal session with me on line, to discuss your health concerns, take your physical practice deeper, or enjoy a personal meditation and distance reiki treatment. You will be able to book additional sessions for additional cost.
Cost for this retreat is $199
CONTACT ME to book your virtual retreat.


My story, your wellbeing
The manuscript for my first book is about to go to the publisher. Inspired by the parallel journeys of my 16-year ocean voyage, my husband Rob’s final years with cancer and my own inner transformation, this book is a collection of insights and experiences culminating in a 52-week self-help workbook of small, easy steps to foster physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the creation of healthy habits. I ran this weekly challenge in 2017 with a group of my clients, and it was their encouragement that prompted me to write the book. Subscribe to the challenge, and receive a free copy of the book when it is published. More information on the book will be available soon.
Similar to the actual challenge in 2017 that my clients subscribed to, I invite you to improve your well-being by creating one new healthy habit every week for a year. Each week you will receive one simple task by email to try every day for the week. Subjects range across all the areas of our lives that influence our physical, mental, and social well-being. Included in this challenge will be videos and live feeds for several of the challenges. By the end of the year, you will transform your routines and learn lot about self-care in the process.
Cost $279 (this will include a copy of the book once it has been published).
CONTACT ME to subscribe to the challenge or to register your interest in the book.


One on one sessions can also be arranged using the platform of your choice (zoom, whats app, or facebook messenger.
CONTACT ME for more information.


I wrote a blog about this in June 2107 but it seems even more relevant now. READ MORE