Local Holistic Health Practitioners


The Whangarei Heads area is home to a number of holistic health practitioners. Guests at WHY Retreat can book sessions with these therapists and may be able to have their session at the retreat.

Body Tuning

Rosie Kronfeld

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Sorting Out Your Out of Sorts
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) originates from Osteopathy.
Your body is an amazing system which is designed to heal itself on every level (think cut finger…how your body naturally heals it) Genius!
BCST listens to your body and assists your health to be restored & revitalised.
As a BCST Therapist some of my successes include, people being able to come off anti-depressants, trauma release, long term headaches relieved, hearing restored, back pain alleviated, surgery not being required for knee repair, digestive systems returned to normal, RSI resolved & baby sleeping patterns established.
Available by appointment in Reotahi
Costs: $80.00 per session
Contact details: Ph 094340010 or 0211577817
Email: body.tuning@yahoo.co.nz

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Robyn Shepherd

EFT Tapping

Robyn Shepherd

Help with persistent difficulties

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. We also call it Tapping. EFT is a gentle, effective way to free yourself from persistent difficulties, helping with anxiety, fear, grief, the blues, memories, self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, performance, pain, discomfort, and energy. I teach you how to tap on meridian points on your body to calm and balance the energy around your issue. EFT sessions take between 1 and 1½ hours and cost $80. I am an Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner. I work with adults and children, in person or over Skype, in Whangarei and at my McLeod Bay home. If you are attending a WHY Retreat, I can see you for a session at WHY or 5 minutes’ walk away, at my home. Try EFT to create positive changes today.

FIND OUT MORE: robynshepherd.co.nz
Sophia Xiao-Colley

Desan Health

Sophia Xiao-Colley

Chinese Acupuncturist

Sophia Xiao-Colley, Chinese Acupuncturist, trained in Chinese with a five year Bachelor Degree in Medicine. ACC treatment provider, member of Acupuncture New Zealand. Live locally in Taiharuru Estuary, practice from home in Mondays. Wednesday and Saturday in Whangarei City. Often my clients experiencing improvement from first treatment. The service will include a discussion about your health issues and needs followed by a pulse reading. Use of acupuncture needles and where appropriate cupping, moxibation can be used to re-balance your body and energy.

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WHY Retreat

Jo Woollacott

Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Gaia and Nutrition

Jo offers one on one sessions for exercise prescriptions, or to deepen your yoga practice. She gives therapeutic massage using trigger point techniques to release tight muscles as well as Fascia release techniques. Her Reiki and Gaia sessions help with stress relief and emotional balance. She offers consultations on nutrition, gut health, immune system and general well being. Jo has been teaching Yoga for over 35 years, is a REPS registered personal trainer, licensed Pilates instructor, massage therapist, Reiki and Gaia healer and a Kaizen holistic health practitioner. As the owner of WHY Retreat Jo often discusses general health issues with her guests informally.

Cameron Tukapua

You Being You

Cameron Tukapua

Cameron Tukapua offers a blend of deep listening, spirit focussed acupuncture, guided contemplation and Tarot reading empowering people to connect to their spiritual self-identity. For over a decade she has led healing and Yoga retreats in China, Australia and New Zealand offering world views and practices which anchor people in their own deep knowing. Cameron regularly offers individual retreat packages guiding people through major life transitions and helping them clarify ‘where to next’ Cameron’s passion is exploring how to live our larger life possibilities, by connecting to the compass of our own Hearts. Her practice is the natural extension of that enquiry.

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