Partner Yoga Workshop

Saturday 11 April 2020
2-4 pm
with Tommy and Jo
$30 per person
$50 per pair (2 people)

Traditionally, yoga is practiced individually, while Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath and touch. It can be practiced by two or more people and is a great way to strengthen and build relationships by fostering trust and communication. Open communication, trust and respect form the basis of healthy relationships, and coincidentally, these traits are some of the most vital components of Partner Yoga. In this session, you will learn to communicate through verbal and non-verbal techniques to facilitate your asana practice and thus connect at a deeper level with another human being. Supporting a partner in an asana can be a great way to learn about and to become more aware of your role in relationships. Only with another, through relationship, can we practice wisdom, patience and contentment. Partner Yoga can be that vehicle.

You can join solo or with a friend. The people that come solo will work with all the other single participants. If you come with a partner you have the option to stay with them throughout the session or rotate through the crowd and play with the other people present.

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