6 Day Yoga and Thai Massage Retreat

6 Day Yoga and Thai Massage Retreat

With Tommy Condon
Available for arrival on selected dates in 2020:
19 March
26 March
2 April
9 April

Welcome to one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. Nestled between two of New Zealand’s top 10 hikes, WHY retreat offers unsurpassed views and amazing vegetarian food. It’s not surprising that this location attracts some of the best visiting yoga teachers from around the world. We invite you to join us for this unique opportunity to experience the energy of Thai Yoga Massage.


Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an ancient method of healing designed to stimulate the prana or living energy in your body. The foundation of TYM follows the invisible energy lines called Sen that run throughout the body. These Sen carry the Prana or life force that supports and nourishes our bodies. TYM combines broad and targeted acupressure, bending, stretching and a dance of movement on the body of the receiver. The receivers joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental well being. By massaging, bending and stretching these points the Prana assisted yoga postures along the Sen to get the Prana moving again. The giver will use their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create begins to flow unrestricted again. The treatment can also be considered like doing yoga passively.

Massage Therapy session (1.5 hours) -The massage begins by lying face up on a mattress on the floor wearing loose fitted clothes. No oil is involved. The recipient is encouraged to breathe mindfully in order to enter a meditative state. Many people think that Thai massage is painful but with open communication between you and your masseur the experience will be very pleasant.

Massage workshop (3 hours) – In this playful, therapeutic workshop we will start by doing some Partner Yoga work to warm our bodies up and to get to know each other a bit better. Next, the five elements of touch: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space will be introduced. These elements make for a more interesting and satisfying massage. Finally, under Tommy’s direction you will both give and receive a one hour Thai Yoga Massage. No previous experience is necessary. You do not need a partner to join this class as long as you are comfortable partnering with another participant.


Tommy was first introduced to yoga in 1997 quite by chance when the aerobics class he thought he was taking was actually a Hatha yoga class. The yoga teacher that day was full of joy, peace and confidence and he knew that he wanted those same traits which she emanated. Since that auspicious day he has studied Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda, Hatha and Partner yoga in India, California and Singapore.
Tommy fell in love with receiving Thai massage long ago. Realizing that Thai Yoga massage is the perfect adjunct to his yoga practice he began training in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2013. He’s given well over 600 massages and has developed his own unique style for treatments. He has been perfecting the art of Thai Yoga Massage Over the past 6 years.
Prior to becoming a yoga teacher and masseur, Tommy worked in the biomedical industry making new medicines for humans. He also holds a teacher certification from the USA for teaching general science and biology for secondary school children.
“Yoga is the practice of right living and when integrated into our lives it can have profound benefits on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. You do not have to be flexible or strong or have lots of stamina to do yoga. You just have to be willing to come to the mat!”

Whats Included:

Your retreat includes 5 nights accommodation and meals. Daily yoga classes, meditation, and local hikes combine instruction with free time to reflect. This retreat includes one Thai Massage therapy session and one Thai Yoga Massage workshop.
Meals are inventive and nutritious, but if you prefer to have a meal out there are café’s nearby. Breakfast ingredients are provided (seasonal fresh fruit, home made yogurt and museli) for you to enjoy in your own time. Vegetarian lunch and dinner with vegan and gluten free options are served to you. A maximum of 5 guests means the retreat has a family feeling to it. Some of the yoga classes are community classes so you will meet neighbors and make new friends from the Whangarei Heads community at these larger classes.


please note class schedule is subject to change
Thursday – arrival (3-5pm) and orientation
Friday through Sunday – morning yoga, afternoon hiking, evening guided mediation
One massage therapy session included on a day to be determined
Monday – morning yoga, afternoon TYM workshop
Tuesday – Morning yoga and pilates, check out (11-12 noon).

Cost –

$1245 per person, twin share
$1369 one person, private room
$2439 two persons, Manaia suite queen room and ensuite bathroom

WHY Retreat can offer tax deductible options for NZ employees under the SMEAEP program. Conditions apply. Please contact us to find out if your retreat will qualify.


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