Saturday 13 January 2018 10am-4pm

Being present is the time honoured focus of many spiritual traditions. It is the doorway to Love
and reconnects us to our instinctive wisdom. When we “show up” and presence ourselves fully in
the moment, we become available to the power of the Universe. Understanding what strengthens
and diminishes our presence helps us to bring more of our personal power to life.

Using a series a series of guided meditations, Tibetan Yoga practices, partner and whole group
dialogue, we make visible the dynamics of full bodied presence. Discover how to engage and play
with the different powers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual presence.
Through interactive sharing we explore how we express and engage personal power through our
roles, relationships and daily life experience. You can take away practical skills that will support
you to bring more of your authentic self to life and identify what you need to grow your power, by
observing and honouring your personal limits and boundaries.

Facilitator, Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine practitioner, mindfulness and Self awareness
teacher. Cameron’s past roles include being founder-Principal of a Chinese Medicine College,
professional development trainer and retreat leader. She brings a rich understanding from three
decades facilitating healing processes for hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds. Cameron
is author of: ‘Opening Up – Transforming with the Earth’ and offers online learning through the
global collective ‘You Being You’ The Power of Presence is from the Power of Yin course available

cost $95 includes lunch

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