Living in Your Element Retreat


Arrival any Thursday between 21 June and 23 August 2018
Maximum 6 residential guests
Additional participants from the community may join this retreat

This retreat combines Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga with nature study for us to have a direct experience of how we each resonate with the five elements of nature. Kum Nye Yoga comes from a fusion of Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems. These yoga practices directly active Qi – energy flow in the meridians which nourish the internal organs of the body. Each day we explore the relationship between the elements of nature and the functions of the body mind and spirit. You will take home a series of practices which can help free-flow and harmonise each organ system enhancing overall functions of well-being. “The internal organs systems are the means by which the Five elements are made real in the body” J.R. Worsley.

Through the natural world we can learn a lot about the ways of human nature and our interconnected universe. Life is energy and and the same life principle that makes the grass grow and the sun shine is manifest in all living things. The same energy that circulates in our individual energy systems manifests as the five elements; Wood – the trees and flora that grow between heaven and earth, Fire – the sun and light that illuminates our world, Earth – the land which receives seeds and transforms them into the food we eat, Metal – the mountains, crystals, stone and solid materials that provide structures for our lives Water – the oceans, rivers and streams which generate and sustain life for the long term.
The ways that the five elements express in nature are mirrored in our human nature, traits and behaviour. Each of the five ways express unique characteristics of the same shared life energy. Exploring these simple archetypal characters gives us easy access to the universal ways in which people think, act and feel. As we explore the natural strengths and challenges of the five character types, we discover ways to grow closer more genuine relationships with others and realise more of our human potential.


5 nights accommodation
Breakfast and lunch food will be provided for self-catering and a delicious vegetarian dinner will be prepared for a shared evening meal.


Thursday 4pm arrival and settle in with shared evening meal at 6pm for informal meeting of retreat participants. 8pm a guided Yoga Nidra sets the tone for a week of deep rest and letting go.

Friday – Monday daytime schedule


9.30 Morning teachings on the Element, Kum Nye Yoga with introduction to reflections on Living in your element. 12.30 Lunch is followed by free time. 5pm Restorative Yoga

6pm shared evening meal and discussion on days teachings

**Note some variations to exact timings will occur



9.30 Closing circle,

Check out 12 noon.


Cameron shows us that we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we’re capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become. This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers– Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Co-founder and Co-Director, Yoga Yard, Beijing


Bayview or Rosella’s nest (private room) $1549
Rosella’s nest (twin share) – shared bathroom $1199
Manaia (couple – queen room) – private ensuite bathroom $1199 per person


Cameron is passionate about helping people connect with their spiritual self-identity as unique expressions of a shared life force. Her offerings draw from ancient wisdom traditions of indigenous cultures, Chinese medicine and Yoga as a path to healing.Cameron created and directed a NZ government registered College of Chinese medicine which she ran for nine years. She also ran retreats in rural China for 9 years and through those teaching experiences she discovered the power of group healing through connecting to nature, learning, and sharing. Her love of education and spiritual life enquiry is now reaching out to the wider world through online learning home and global teaching group.

“I feel fortunate to have found my path in life at age 21. Now in my mid-50s I feel it is the perfect time to help others find purpose and deeper meaning for their lives by connecting to their spiritual self-identity. For nearly two decades I have been teaching the five element archetypes to cross cultural audiences. It continues to be an absolute joy to watch people grow and transform by identifying their natural gifts, strengths and challenges.”

Cameron Tukapua
Learn | Connect | Heal | Share
You Being You
+64 27 588-5886


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